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How to implement modern work structures and digital analytics in this process

The current crisis has made it obvious how important digital transformation is in order to maintain a presence on the market. Organizations must develop strategies for optimal implementation – and the HR department in particular faces challenges in this regard. There is often a lack of structures that are geared to a modern working environment, agile teamwork and new technologies.

The tension between increased self-responsibility and new teamwork

Many forms of team development have to change, as they are no longer up to date in the context of dynamic and flexible working. Employees get together in short seminars that they can no longer remember after a few weeks. There is often no transfer of knowledge and long-term development progress cannot be measured. More trainings and methods of the same kind cannot solve the problems. A new kind of team support is needed that reorganises working methods and staff structures and turns the whole organisation into a system that is constantly evolving and remains adaptable.

The key, however, is to implement these new working methods step by step and to discard old ways of doing things. A tool is needed that supports HR in the long term and offers employees real freedom to develop agile teamwork and a collaborative work culture. Along the way, it is important to identify barriers that prevent teams from realizing their full potential.

How data can help

In order to achieve applicable results, it is useful to draw on the knowledge gained from a large number of previous projects. A data-based approach makes it possible to learn not only from one’s own experience, but also from the experience of other companies, and to identify error factors before they become expensive. Success factors of new challenges are also made visible in this way and can be used to increase the productivity of the entire company.

Simple digital analyses such as question tools can provide the basis for this. In the form of individual diagnoses, data helps to identify what employees really need and how they can reach their full potential within the new structures. This data provides an objective decision-making aid to relieve personnel developers and managers and to develop suitable leadership for the agile team.

Decision supported on the basis of digital analyses

The key to modern and digital HR development lies in the combination of digital analyses and team experts who actively accompany the implementation of the findings. The digital team tool provides clarity on how employees can perform at their best and how teams need to set themselves up to leverage their full potential. The tool specifically helps managers to understand which types are represented in their team and in which area and in which role they work best. Clearly assigning responsibilities enables autonomous action and agile teamwork. This creates a new way for teams to collaborate and line up, making visible driving factors for team performance.

Thousands of employees in just 12 minutes

Every single employee is considered and included. The effort required to obtain the data is low – in just 12 minutes, the values of thousands of employees are analyzed. It is important to understand that no skills or competencies are determined, only values and interests.

The advantages of the team instrument can be easily visualized using the example of a merger:

People who have never worked together find themselves in new teams. The tool helps to quickly identify: What kind of people am I going to meet? What should I pay attention to when working together? People do not have to get to know each other personally. The tool helps to directly understand what is important to the other person and in which role he or she prefers to work. Especially when teams are newly established or merged, an optimal team setup is crucial to quickly get into a productive collaboration. This makes it possible to mobilize the full team potential for the change process and guarantees an easy start.

For future success, it makes sense to invest in digital tools that can be applied in a scalable and sustainable manner in the organization and create flexible, long-lasting architectures. Compared to exclusively analog consulting, the tool can be easily applied to many more teams in the organization without generating high additional costs.

MONDAY.ROCKS supports established companies in securing and activating the full potential of all their employees and teams for transformation. We offer a solution for long-term change that enables a new and agile way of working together and can continue to operate independently – without permanently deploying on-site consultants. This distinguishes our digital solution from the approaches of classic HR and organizational developers and makes future-proof and flexible team support possible.

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