Our Team Cases

Increasing Engagement.
Positioning teams.
Accompanying change.

  • Understand the values and passions of team members
  • Reduce resistance and strengthen acceptance
  • Improve your collaboration
  • Increase productivity

Increasing Employee Engagement

We are convinced that purposeful and value-oriented leadership is the key to sustainable and genuine commitment. To achieve this, we support your teams with development programs and trainings on the basis of the respective team composition and team dynamics.

In this way, we open up entirely new perspectives and provide practical leadership development.

Become a Purpose Driven Team supported by our app, which decodes the purpose of work for everyone and makes it accessible to the team – in just 12 minutes and with around 70 questions.


Why it is worth investing in Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement loss of productivity

One Month

loss of productivity

Low employee engagement leads to a loss of productivity of one month per year and employee.

(Deloitte 2017)

Employee Engagement more producticity


More Efficient

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.

(Dale Carnegie Research Institute 2019)

Employee Engagement less absenteeism


less absenteeism

High employee engagement leads to 37% lower absenteeism.

(Gallup 2012)

Positioning teams better

Would you like to arrange a team newly, integrate additional team members or optimize the cooperation of an existing team? We use the personal purpose structures (values and interests) of each team member as well as the dynamic constellation between the team members to optimally solve this challenge.

Thereby we are supported by our app, which decodes the meaning of work for everyone and makes it usable in the team.

The team-internal acceptance of change processes decides for success and the further engagement significantly. MONDAY.ROCKS makes it possible to understand the perspectives of each employee as well as the cumulative perspectives of single teams.

By this, we simulate the decisive game situations in advance and shape change “bottom-up”.

Accompanying change

The App as a