Are your teams ready for the hybrid working model?

According to a study by Barco, a hybrid working model is the most attractive alternative for employees. Three days in the office and two in the home office is the optimal split identified in most studies in order to combine the best of both worlds. In this way, you stabilize social contacts and facilitate collaboration […]

Effective team leadership based on data – how it works

Selbstorganisierte Teams

What are data and analyses are used in team management needed? Various problems can arise during teamwork. The causes of ineffective teamwork and low team performance are not easy to pinpoint. In addition to their own work, managers often have little time to devote to the development of the team. Trying out different leadership approaches […]

GPS for team leadership? Why digital helpers are indispensable

Just like many digital helpers, it’s hard to imagine our everyday lives without a navigation application. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about long distances like a vacation trip, or the daily commute to work. They show us the fastest route, avoid road closures, accidents and traffic jams, give us an outlook on how many […]

The causes of ineffective collaboration

Herausforderungen in der Teanführung

The causes of ineffective collaboration within a team are often hard to fathom. Why are certain effectiveness factors blocked? What measures can be taken to remedy certain team problems?