The causes of ineffective collaboration

Herausforderungen in der Teanführung

The causes of ineffective collaboration within a team are often hard to fathom. Why are certain effectiveness factors blocked? What measures can be taken to remedy certain team problems?

How to use HR budget effectively

team development

Team development is an important process for remaining competitive because dysfunctional teams represent a major economic challenge. Team development measures can increase productivity, improve cooperation and strengthen the bond within the team. However, this is not always the case – depending on the actions that are taken. When teams fail to meet set goals, leaders and […]

Are your teams ready for hybrid work?

Remote Arbeit im hybriden Arbeitsmodell

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way we work. Hybrid working is seen as the model of the future: benefits, challenges and helpful tips for implementing it in your organization.

New Work: Which methods are useful?

New Work

New Work has long since proven its worth, because companies that practice New Work are more attractive to employees. But those who join the trend without a plan might fail. But how can you prevent failure?