Leadership during the crisis

Our experts support team leaders and managers in the current situation and maintain team productivity.

The current events will be remembered by all of us. How you as a manager react, communicate and act in this situation will also be remembered!

Teams are experiencing an extreme VUCA event at the moment and do not know what to expect. This can mean that they are not focused on doing their best. Therefore, managers are challenged to navigate their teams through the crisis in the right way to ensure adaptability, decision making and ultimately productivity.

Worldwide, 92% of employees agree that it is crucial for the CEO to react decisively to challenging times and crises.

Here are the most important tips:


Stay connected and ensure stability

Focus your employees on the long-term mission and your goal by showing realistic optimism, planning for the best possible outcome.


Strengthen your employees

Promote the competence of each individual and ensure empowerment in all positions.


Communicate with clarity

Put your employees at the centre of communication: What information do my employees need now? Here it applies: flexibility is more important than perfectionism.


Promote empathy

Employees are more likely to stand behind a manager with whom they are in good contact. Therefore, empathic support is the key to building trust among your employees.


Adaptability as the key

Teams need adaptations based on the information available. Communicate with your team now even more so about goals and responsibilities.

When it comes to uncertainty, we may not always be able to control the outcome, but we can control our response to it. Be a leader who successfully guides his teams through the crisis and emerges stronger.

leadership during the crisis

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