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How AOK Plus Service GmbH effectively organizes team leadership

Find out how AOK Plus Service GmbH has significantly strengthened personal responsibility and cross-team collaboration with MONDAY.ROCKS.

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“At AOK PLUS Service GmbH, we are integrating a new type of leadership and collaboration. It is crucial that we quickly and continuously recognize the success factors and challenges within all teams in order to effectively shape team development and leadership. MONDAY.ROCKS is the key software for this.”

Frank Schubert

Managing Director | AOK PLUS Service GmbH

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Our mission - your advantage

Our mission is to facilitate leadership and develop teams through precise leadership suggestions and team measures. With the team management software, AOK Plus Service GmbH has been able to organize leadership effectively.

This benefits around 200 employees and 3.4 million insured persons.

Integration of a new kind of collaboration at AOK PLUS Service GmbH

AOK PLUS Service GmbH has recognized the opportunity and potential of a new type of leadership and collaboration and has been undergoing a continuous learning and change process in the form of agile, self-organized teams ever since. MONDAY.ROCKS is a central building block in this process. The application was initially used to accelerate the forming phase of the new project teams and to support appreciative collaboration. How are the teams set up? What is important to whom and what should be paid particular attention to? Questions such as these were quickly clarified based on brief app-based analyses so that the focus could quickly be placed on the project topics as such.

Since then, the success of the collaboration at AOK PLUS Service GmbH has been regularly assessed by means of potential analyses, which reveal what is currently going particularly well in the team and where there is still room for improvement - team challenges could thus be made visible and addressed before they could jeopardize the team's success.

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About AOK Plus Service GmbH

AOK Plus Service GmbH provides services in the context of customer retention, new customer acquisition, sales optimization and service marketing. The AOK PLUS customer center is supported with the help of modern telecommunication tools to process incoming calls during peak times. This ensures the best possible availability for AOK PLUS customers.