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  • How do I manage team development effectively? 
  • How does a team become more than the sum of its parts?  
  • In which areas of development lies the most potential? 
Chat Potential Analyse of the Team Development

Use your full team potential

With Team Development, the most important areas per team can be quickly identified in order to develop a team fast and effectively towards high performance. 

Depending on the degree to which the 16 modules are measured, the 7-minute analysis via app can identify well developed and less developed focus areas. This is how you shape team development in a targeted and effective way!

Make potentials measurable

There are 16 development modules in total which cover four relevant building blocks for each of the four sides of the Playing Field of Collaboration.

The percentages show to what level each development area has already been developed in the team.

Innovation 60%
Development 50%
Team Spirit 70%
Networking 45%

Identify development requirements

Discover with Team Development in which team-individual development areas the most potential can be found and develop your team to the next level.

Track development progresses

Regular checks allow continuous tracking and progress monitoring. The developmental progress from our workshops and trainings becomes concretely measurable.

Use scientifically based findings

For the design of Team Development, we examined about 70 academic sources, complemented our own study findings and integrated these conceptual approaches into our software.

Our 16 Development Modules


Innovative ideas and changes are recognized and newly developed in the team. The team is characterized by a high level of interest in new approaches and suggestions and reacts openly, even to crazy ideas!

Creative approaches and a variety of ideas are characteristic of the team. Solving new challenges with the most diverse approaches is a great pleasure to them.

New ideas are shared and discussed in the team, benefitting from synergy and finding the best possible approach. The critical examination of ideas is successful.

Decisions are made quickly in the team. Even short-term changes are reacted to quickly and purposefully. Adapting to new requirements is not a problem. 


Meaningful ideas that contribute to the team goal are implemented as quickly as possible. The same applies to challenges that have been identified in the team.

Issues are focused and systematically analyzed before any action is taken. The work processes within the team are characterized by a high degree of goal orientation, clarity and efficiency.

Everyone in the team is clear about their role. This also applies to the corresponding expectations of each individual. The associated responsibilities and tasks are designed to the satisfaction of the team members.

Within the team, there are opportunities for each individual to develop and grow beyond themselves. Special attention is paid to the fact that each team member can contribute their values and passions.

Team Spirit

The team unites through common beliefs, which they enjoy coming to work towards every day and giving their best. It is clear to everyone what purpose the team has in the company.

The team is characterized by a high level of trust and the feeling of being able to rely on one another. The team members feel secure of being able to ask about anything that is important to them or say whatever they want to – in other words, being as they are.

To solve conflicts constructively is one characteristic of the team. Differences of opinion are openly discussed. There is no talking about each other, but with each other. 

Each team member has important tasks for the team’s success, and is seen and valued accordingly.


The team networks well with other areas of the company. This team-spanning cooperation is productive. The exchange and flow of information at interfaces is target-oriented

Constructive feedback is common. Both among each other and across teams, goal-oriented feedback is given. Positive feedback and encouragement are not neglected.

The team is characterized by a high degree of sensitivity to the wishes and concerns of a wide range of stakeholders and network partners, and can adapt well to these.

The team succeeds in inspiring others with its ideas, and infecting them with its enthusiasm. Projects and team achievements are successfully marketed within the company.

Meaningful team architecture

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