Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Leading teams successfully

On our FAQ page, we answer frequently asked questions about MONDAY.ROCKS, the Leadership App and its use in teams and companies.

MONDAY.ROCKS is designed so that the introduction (onboarding) can take place per team. A one-off effort of approx. 3-4 hours including preparation can be calculated per team. For ongoing use, we recommend a potential analysis every 10 weeks. The time required for these analyses is less than 15 minutes per employee. The intervals and the time required for ongoing use can be individually tailored.

We have developed a MONDAY.ROCKS method, which we recommend when using our team management software. The method includes query intervals of 10 weeks, regular management coaching and team workshops, to get the maximum added value from the software for your teams and your company. We are happy to assist you with the application and implementation of the method with coaches or You can use it independently with in-house "team architects" or coaches.

The costs are made up of a one-off fee for onboarding, an empowerment fee for supporting the teams in the first year (alternatively, your own in-house "team developers" or coaches are trained) and a monthly SaaS license per user (employee).

The application can basically be used with any Internet-enabled hardware (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and various browsers. For an optimal user experience, we recommend the use of the Google Chrome browser.

As it is a web application, you do not need to install or download an app. You can log in directly via log in or register. Alternatively, you can also access the application via the login link at the bottom of the website footer.

All data is encrypted and stored in our infrastructure in the German Telekom Cloud. You can find Telekom's data protection guidelines here: Open Telekom Cloud.

Further questions and answers about information recorded in the app can be found here: FACT SHEET.

If you have any further questions on the subject of data protection, please contact our data protection officer Michael Schmitz