This page provides answers to frequently asked questions.
You can find information about team architecture, working with the app and much more.


All information about the upgrade and prices can be found here. You can also make an appointment with us at any time, where we will find a suitable model for you.

A team architect helps to set up the individual players of a team and to harmonize with each other in such a way that both satisfaction and team performance are maximized. MONDAY.ROCKS provides the relevant tool for this.

The application can basically be used with any Internet-compatible hardware (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and various browsers. For an optimal user experience we recommend the use of mobile devices and the Google Chrome browser.

If you want to use the app as an individual, you can do so at any time for free and without a workshop. Just register at app.monday.rocks – you want to use the app in your team? You’ll find the right answer in the question below.

In the first steps the MONDAY.ROCKS Team-Check can be done completely digital and location-independent (more information here.) Depending on your questions or preferences we will of course accompany you with our experts on site.

Yes of course! No matter if you are a newly formed team that wants to get to know each other and organize itself better or an existing team that wants to maximize its team performance and satisfaction. We would be happy to accompany you through the workshop as external team architects or empower people in-house for it.

The free use of the app (non-commercial profiling) is not limited in time. You can always log in again or access the app.

Yes, you can be active in as many teams as you like with your profile. A simple team selection helps you to keep an overview.

You can invite up to 2 players to test the team area of the app for free. If this is not enough for a first test, please contact us at info@monday.rocks. Together we will find a suitable test case for you.

The number of possible team members is not limited.