How to get started with the Team-Instrument in your organisation


Define field

How big is your company or your area of responsibility? How many licences are required? In which industry are you active and what types of teams do you have? We advise you in this process and put together a suitable company package for you.

Start with a Pilot Project

Onboarding of the responsible parties

Within the framework of a content-related and technical introduction, all relevant members of your organisation are introduced to the work with the team tool. This optionally includes your works council and data protection, of course.



Roll-out for your teams

We provide all relevant information on the process and the use of the team instrument digitally and communicate it jointly to the participating teams. Of course, our team experts are always available to assist you if needed. The initial investment per employee is around 12 minutes.

Ongoing use

The Team-Instrument can now be used constantly in the teams of your company. Furthermore, it supports you with ongoing analyses and recommended action steps to achieve an even better team effectiveness. We visualise the results and developments of all teams in your individual Company Dashboard.


Evidence-based Team Platform


Trial run of the application in one or more individual teams.


one-time per team
lump sum price

Ongoing Optimisation

Organisation-wide implementation to analyse team formations, increase team effectiveness and an ongoing development of potential.

from 100 team members

from 1.900€

monthly investment*

*plus initial setup, usually 2-year projects with quarterly checks


Ongoing Optimisation


Profile for each employee

Development of the optimal team set-up

Survey of the potential levels

Analysing potential on a regular basis

Tracking the development of potential

Ongoing optimisation of team effectiveness

Training of internal team architects

Achieving goals with intrinsic OKRs

Dashboard with an overview of all teams

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Nathalie Ritter

Business Development

Together we customize the right package for your challenge

Schedule an appointment for a personal meeting, where we will create the right package for your organisation.

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