High Performing Teams

Team architecture for more effectiveness and enthusiasm

  • Configure the goals and direction of your team
  • Develop the construction plan for the optimal team setup
  • Benefit from up to 21% more team productivity
Playing Field

An app that rocks every team

We increase ‘Employee Engagement’: the productivity and joy of teams.

An increase in Employee Engagement is achieved by our digital application for meaning-based team development and value-oriented organizational design, which decodes the individual meaning of work in just 12 minutes and accompanies teams in a sustainable manner.

A matching team construction

How is our team positioned?

In what positions do the individuals on a team experience the greatest amount of meaning? How does the positioning change with changes to a team? Who can be most effectively involved to accomplish certain challenges?

Essential for the meaningful creation of teams, for reducing friction, and for enabling a productive and happy team culture.

Playing Situations
Purpose Diamond

Team architects who create purpose

Why is meaningfulness important?

On average, 84% of your employees are not actively involved. (Gallup 2017). As a result, each of your teams loses up to 21% in productivity.

The MONDAY.ROCKS app as a tool for our team architects is the key to employee engagement and effective collaboration.

Positioning teams.
Accompanying change.
Discovering purpose.

Let it rock!