Make the most of your team with Team Architecture

Build your optimal team architecture with the MONDAY.ROCKS App and develop effective and enthusiastic teams.


MONDAY.ROCKS is a team app that helps leaders to understand how to maximize the intrinsic motivation of each individual in the team, how to best position the team for different challenges, and where the potential for maximum performance and satisfaction lies.

So that your MONDAY ROCKS!

How does that work?

Learn how to find out what drives you and what really matters to you in the business context using the MONDAY.ROCKS app.

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Team Analytics

Build with Team Analytics a thorough understanding of your Team Architecture and find the optimal position for everyone in the team on the Playing Field of Collaboration.

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Team Development

Identify with Team Development the development needs of your team and use the full potential for your business success.

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IDEATION HUB VW HR Innovation Winner
2019 German Steve Award Winner Bestes HR Startup
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