High Performing Teams

Team architecture for more effectiveness and enthusiasm

  • Configure the goals and direction of your team
  • Develop the construction plan for the optimal team setup
  • Benefit from up to 21% more team productivity

Leadership during the crisis

Our experts support team leaders and managers in the current situation and maintain team productivity.

Suddenly Remote Team

What to do when entire teams are working from home? We help with the successful and quick changeover with the team remote check.

Onboarding in home office

What happens if new employees have their first day at work in these days? Organize the onboarding process completely remote.

Playing Field

An app that rocks every team

We increase ‘Employee Engagement’: the productivity and joy of teams.

An increase in Employee Engagement is achieved by our digital application for meaning-based team development and value-oriented organizational design, which decodes the individual meaning of work in just 12 minutes and accompanies teams in a sustainable manner.

A matching team construction

How is our team positioned?

In what positions do the individuals on a team experience the greatest amount of meaning? How does the positioning change with changes to a team? Who can be most effectively involved to accomplish certain challenges?

Essential for the meaningful creation of teams, for reducing friction, and for enabling a productive and happy team culture.

Playing Situations
Purpose Diamond

Team architects who create purpose

Why is meaningfulness important?

On average, 84% of your employees are not actively involved. (Gallup 2017). As a result, each of your teams loses up to 21% in productivity.

The MONDAY.ROCKS app as a tool for our team architects is the key to employee engagement and effective collaboration.

Positioning teams.
Accompanying change.
Discovering purpose.

Let it rock!