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Our digital team tool helps established companies unleash the full potential of their employees and teams.

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Mirjam Pütz Deutsche Bank Erfahrung

Mirjam Pütz

Head of CX
Deutsche Bank

“MONDAY.ROCKS have supported us in setting up and realigning our teams. Through their fast and scalable team analysis, we can finally understand the crucial success factors of the different teams and significantly increase the probability of success.”

Measuring Team Potential

What is digital Team Optimisation?

With Team Optimisation we support established companies to quickly and effectively unleash their potential for change. This is achieved through our digital team tool, which analyses intrinsic motivation, understands team dynamics and lifts the entire organisation to a new level of performance.

Learn how you can use our digital team tool sustainably and effectively in your company.

Understanding teams in just 12 minutes

Mit Hilfe verschiedener Abfragemethoden werden die wichtigsten Informationen erfasst und können so in eine organsiationsweite Analyse der Erfolgs- und Fehlerfaktoren einfließen. Das ermöglicht eine Empfehlung der erfolgswahrscheinlichsten Handlungsimpulse.

Selection of Team Position with Sliders
Creating Values Profile with a questioning tool
Focus Check of Team Potential Area
Learn how you can unleash your team’s full potential with our Team-Instrument
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