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Precise. Simple. Data-based.

Save time and budget by effectively managing team development through organization-wide analytics – with data-based insights from over 600 teams.

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How to design team development precisely and effectively

We support you in building strong teams across your organization – with a platform that understands team dynamics, continuously analyses team effectiveness and recommends the most successful action impulses and development steps based on data.

Geringere Kosten

Lower costs

We reduce your costs for ineffective measures in team development and thus create budget for the impulses for action that really work.

weniger Risiko

Less risk

We provide you with data-based insights from over 600 teams. Compare your teams with similar types of teams in your industry.

konkrete Maßnahmen

Concrete actions

We ensure ongoing development with matching impulses for action and empower managers with “on-the-job” impulses.

Bessere Übersicht

Better overview

Keep an eye on the developments of all teams. Our precise diagnostics give you an overview of the effectiveness of your teams.

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Successful Teams
Measuring Team Potential
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Team Position Selection

Effective team development in four steps


Understand employees

Our easy-to-use web app surveys employees in just 12 minutes using scientifically based questioning methods and combines the findings per team.


Capture Team Architecture

The composition and dynamics of the team are made visible through the line-up on the team playing field. The industry, team type and objectives are also recorded here – the key (data) basis for ongoing recommendations.


Measure team effectiveness

Our software continuously measures the 16 most important factors for successful teams – including focus, role clarity or interfaces – and evaluates the concrete relevance for each team based on industry benchmarks. We show per team type, where your potentials remain.


Developing teams effectively

Use data-based improvement measures that have already been successfully implemented in comparable teams. Optionally integrate your existing trainings, learning journeys or coaching into our platform and measure what really has a sustainable impact in your teams.



  • Overview of developments across all teams
  • Make reliable data-driven decisions
  • Use budget effectively


  • Satisfied and committed employees
  • Data-based decision-making
  • Easy selection of suitable development interventions

Team Leaders

  • Team effectiveness overview 
  • Support through “on-the-job” impulses for action
  • Less time spent on team management


  • Bringing in one’s own values and passions
  • Working in the optimal team role
  • Work that is fun and meaningful

Our platform pays off

Higher team effectivity

Teams already increase their effectiveness by an average of 18% in the course of the first year with MONDAY.ROCKS!

Gesteigerte Teameffektivität

More HR Budget

Studies show that around 50% of the development budget is not effective. We show you how to use your budget better!

Effktiver Einsatz des HR Budgets
Frank Schubert AOK PLUS Kontaktbild

Frank Schubert

Managing Director

“At AOK PLUS we are integrating a new way of leadership and collaboration. It is essential that we quickly and continuously identify the success factors and challenges within all teams in order to effectively shape team development and leadership. MONDAY.ROCKS is the crucial platform for this.”

Mirjam Pütz

Mirjam Pütz

Head of CX
Deutsche Bank

“MONDAY.ROCKS supports us in the effective and economic development of our teams. We want to invest team-individually only where it is effective. Through the platform, we finally understand the success-relevant interrelationships of the different teams and significantly increase the probability of success.”

Dr. Christian Potthoff-Sewing

Managing Director
Poppe + Potthoff GmbH 

“I can talk to the teams about the problems that really lead to a lack of motivation without having to hear it from them myself. As an owner and chief, it’s not always easy to get answers. MONDAY.ROCKS makes it clear where we need to start to make our teams work more effectively.”

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