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MONDAY.ROCKS offers software to identify team challenges and provides data-based recommendations for successful team leadership.

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Are your teams on track?

Two thirds of change projects fail. Leaders are very challenged operationally. They quickly overlook which bottlenecks a team has or they do not know how to optimally solve them.

Support your leaders with data-based insights from over 1000 teams.

Measuring Team Potential

What you achieve with Team Analytics

Identify and solve bottlenecks in teams

The software identifies and solves measured leadership challenges in a data-driven way with knowledge from over 1000 teams.

Empowering leaders for optimal team leadership

The software supports managers in team leadership and reduces time and costs for ineffective measures.

Achieving change in teams

The software shows managers which concrete measures have sustainably changed and strengthened comparable teams.

What our customers say

“At AOK PLUS we are integrating a new way of leadership and collaboration. It is essential that we quickly and continuously identify the success factors and challenges within all teams in order to effectively shape team development and leadership. MONDAY.ROCKS is the crucial software for this.”

Frank Schubert AOK PLUS Kontaktbild

Frank Schubert

Managing Director

“MONDAY.ROCKS supports us in the effective and economic development of our teams. We want to invest team-individually only where it is effective. Through the software, we finally understand the success-relevant interrelationships of the different teams and significantly increase the probability of success.”

Mirjam Pütz

Mirjam Pütz

Head of CX
Deutsche Bank

“I can talk to the teams about the problems that really lead to a lack of motivation without having to hear it from them myself. As an owner and chief, it’s not always easy to get answers. MONDAY.ROCKS makes it clear where we need to start to make our teams work more effectively.”

Dr. Christian Potthoff-Sewing

Managing Director
Poppe + Potthoff GmbH 

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