Onboarding in times of home office

Organize the onboarding process of new employees completely remote.

To protect employees, more and more teams are working in the home office. If a team is already well coordinated, knows and trusts each other, this model can work well. But what happens to employees who are just about to start their first day at a new company?  Who do not have any orientation and bond to the team and the team leader yet?

In order to prevent you from feeling left alone, it is all the more important to take steps that ensure a successful first team bonding in remote mode.


MONDAY.ROCKS offers a digital tool with which the integration succeeds:

The new team member gets to know his colleagues with their main values and interests.

Team positions are decoded and shown, and a clear expectation management is carried out.

In addition, the shared purpose is defined, which additionally contributes to the team feeling – fully digital!

Onboarding in home office

Manage the onboarding completely remote!

Onboarding komplett remote