Our Team

AI-based team leadership as core expertise

Our 40-strong team of experienced psychologists, sociologists, economists and IT and team experts combines specialized know-how on team leadership and AI with the vision of making successful team leadership possible for everyone. Our experts combine industry knowledge and extensive experience with an innovative spirit.

Our Sales-Team
Mario Reis
Co-Founder & CEO
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schönfelder
Co-Founder & CVO
Henning Koch
Expert for AI-powered team leadership
Florian Tillack
Expert for AI-powered team leadership
Maren Berkenheide
Expert for AI-powered team leadership
Marius Richter
Account Executive
Luka Cikes
Account Executive
Julia Mahler
Our Customer Success & Coaching Team
Valentine Collet
Head of Customer Success
Antje Trömel
Team Coach
Stefan Kermas
Team Coach
Martin Hoffmann
Team Coach
Elena Platten
Customer Success Managerin
Jennie Cron
Team Coach
Peggy Altenkirch
Team Coach
Our Marketing-Team
Niko Liveric
Head of Marketing
Anja Kloster
Senior Online Marketing Mgr.
Helen Otte
Senior Art Director
Sofie Schwarzer
Marketing Mgr.
Hara Paliokosta
Marketing Managerin
Our Product Team
Tobias Liedtke
Co-Founder & CTO
Dr. Luisa Bunzel
Co-Founder & CPO
Nils Kanthack
Marcel Kühn
Leon Rose
Bea Yu
Anastasiya Fenin
Software Tester
José Cordova
Product Analyst
Jonas Andrysek
DevOps Engineer
Sanne Wijbenga
UX & Product Designer