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The causes of ineffective teamwork are often not easy to identify. Our platform helps you make fast and informed leadership decisions with data-driven insights from over 650 teams.

Leadership recommendations that really work

Besides their own work, leaders often have little time to take care of the team’s development. Trying out the right leadership can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Understanding your team and its composition is essential to choosing the right measures for improvement. Our platform provides leaders with data-driven and accurate leadership recommendations that can be applied quickly and easily. 


The platform strengthens the personal responsibility of managers. At the same time, you reduce the risk of ineffective measures.


The entire organization can be included top-to-bottom economically and easily. The effort is only a few minutes per person.


Based on over 650 comparison teams, the most likely leadership recommendations for your teams are identified.

Effective team leadership

Four steps to becoming a MONDAY.ROCKS HERO

Using scientifically based methods, all employees are surveyed in the team context within the framework of an app-based team analysis.

The effectiveness of collaboration is regularly measured in 16 factors and the causes of challenges in the team are identified.

By understanding the composition of the team, the team dynamics become visible and new insights into collaboration are gained.

Leaders receive concrete data-based recommendations for better collaboration and ongoing team development.

Survey employees about collaboration

With the help of the platform, employees are analysed and accompanied in the team context. An app-based team analysis identifies the innovators, the networkers or the strong implementers in your organisation with scientifically based questioning methods.
Success factors and challenges of collaboration are presented in an understandable and simple way for the manager.
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Team Potenzialanalyse

Measure team effectiveness and uncover causes

Through regular and scientifically based queries, the key challenges per team are measured across 16 factors. In the process, the causes of poor collaboration are uncovered through in-depth analyses.
The platform offers the possibility to keep an eye on the development of the teams at company level and to steer it through precise leadership suggestions.
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Understanding team dynamics

Based on the survey, the platform finds out the composition of the team. The team dynamics are made visible and typical behavioural patterns of the team can be explained by means of the arrangement on the team playing field.

Teams differ significantly depending on the industry, type of team and objective.  MONDAY.ROCKS compares the team with the database of similar teams that have already been successfully developed and makes the recipes for success of similar teams available to your managers.

Developing teams with precise leadership recommendations

Which leadership works in which teams? McKinsey estimates that 50% of today’s interventions are ineffective.
MONDAY.ROCKS offers leaders concrete data-based recommendations for better collaboration and enables more agility and certainty in leadership decisions. Success recipes of similar teams can be applied easily and quickly.
Avoid the time-consuming trial and error of finding the right leadership and only invest in interventions that really work!
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Action Impulses for Teams

“We use the MONDAY.ROCKS platform as the foundation of VIACTIV’s personnel and team development. As a health insurance company, we are currently operating in a highly dynamic market. In order to master all challenges, we need the maximum performance potential of the teams. I am convinced that the targeted use of resources via the platform is the key to this.”

Dr. Christian Riese

Personnel manager

“The key success factor in the course of corporate finance and M&A is a successful merger and targeted development of teams after mergers. With the help of MONDAY.ROCKS, this merger succeeds smoothly due to a high level of employee acceptance. Based on today’s budgets, the innovative platform makes it possible to quickly mobilize the full team potential across the organization.”

Martin Petsch

Managing Director
DZ Bank

“I experience as a division manager that subteams can become comfortable protection zones. Opening up to the entire team and company, as well as making your own strengths available for the whole, is courageous. This is exactly what the MONDAY.ROCKS platform does. As a result, all teams benefit from tremendous effectiveness.”

Maurice Veenendaal S-Servicepartner

Maurice Veenendaal

Head of Sales & Marketing | S-Servicepartner Deutschland GmbH

Find out how to make team leadership simple and precise

MONDAY.ROCKS provides leaders with concrete data-based recommendations for better collaboration and enables more agility and certainty in leadership decisions.

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