The Digital Toolkit for Activating Full Team Potential

With our Team-Instrument, we can start a fast and effective digital analysis. On this data basis, we can offer specific digital and analogue modules that successfully accompany you through your change.

Always one step ahead

Every decision that successfully brings you through the change is supported by digital analyses. For this, insights from thousands of profiles and data sets are used and applied to established models.

Where is your hidden potential?
Where is the optimal field of application for an employee?
Who can contribute to the effective achievement of goals?


Based on data, factors of failure are made visible and success factors are made usable.


The entire organisation can easily and economically considered from top to bottom.


The team tool can continue to be used in the company independently – you do not need permanent in-house consultants.

Measuring and developing team potential

Manage team development and make the development progress of your teams measurable.

The digital team tool unlocks the central development focus of each team through regular surveys: strengths of the collaboration are made analytically visible and usable. In this way, you discover where unused potential lies and activate the full team potential for change.

Simulate success factors of future teams

Avoid mistakes and simulate the probability of future team success in advance. With the help of the team instrument, you can gain valuable insights and experience from hundreds of projects.

Successes and errors become visible, and teams are brought into action.

successful change projects
Frank Schubert AOK PLUS Kontaktbild

Frank Schubert

Managing Director

“At AOK PLUS, we integrate new methods of leadership and collaboration. For this, we need to identify the key success factors and challenges within our teams. The team tool helps us to make these visible, and to build our teams in a way that keeps them committed and focused.”

Effectiveness through optimal team positions

The digital team instrument determines the optimal field of application and the suitable role of an employee in the team.

Each individual employee is analysed and accompanied through the team context. With the help of the team instrument, an optimal team set-up is generated through an effective combination of team members. The current challenges, type of team and industry are taken into account.

Achieve goals more quickly and sustainably

Unleash the full potential of your team in the change process.
By linking set goals with the contributions of individual employees, a focus is created that enables goals to be achieved more quickly and effectively.

Deal with thousands of employees in just 12 minutes

We identify the innovators, the networkers and the strong implementers in your organisation.

The team instrument creates transparency about what motivates each team member, and thus changes the way your teams work together.

Case Story

Preparing health insurance funds for the future

Using the example of cooperation with VIACTIV and AOK PLUS.

What makes the
team tool the right solution


Goals are achieved more quickly and sustainably by linking them to intrinsic contributions.


Regular queries enable follow-ups. This makes progress clearly measurable.


Keep an overview of all the team developments. All the data is collected and clearly presented through the company dashboard.


The team tool can be used independently and implemented economically in the long term.

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Nathalie Ritter

Business Development

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