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Gain insights that otherwise remain hidden. With the data-based Team Development Platform, measure the key levers for the likelihood of team success and shape them with concrete interventions.

Only invest in actions that really work

Evidence-based team development requires good data to understand the individual needs of each team depending on composition, team type and industry. 

This has been a successful standard in top team sports for years. Training and development are data-based and individually targeted per team.  

The platform enables your teams to do this across the organization based on insights from over 600 teams. 


The platform strengthens the ownership of your managers and HR team. At the same time, you reduce the risk of ineffective measures.


The entire organization can be included top-to-bottom economically and easily. The effort is only a few minutes per person.


Based on more than 600 comparison teams, the most likely action impulses for your teams are identified.

The Process

Effective team development in four steps

In just 12 minutes, all employees in the team context are surveyed using scientifically sound methods.

The composition and team dynamics become visible through the line-up on the team playing field.

Our platform continuously measures the 16 most important factors for successful teams and draws data-based comparisons.

Teams are further developed with data-based action impulses and development measures.

Understanding thousands of employees in just 12 minutes

With the help of the platform, employees are analyzed and supported in a team context. A web app identifies the innovators, the networkers or the strong implementers in your organization with scientifically based questioning methods.

Clarity about the values and motivators of each employee provides the crucial basis for understanding team dynamics and builds the foundation for effective team development!

Fragen-Tool Mitarbeiter Profil
Positionen Mitarbeiter:innen

Capture team type and goal

Based on the individual profiles, our platform determines the intrinsic line-up on our team playing field for each team. 

This makes the composition and typical behavioral patterns of the teams visible and comparable. On that basis, we find patterns of similar team structures that we have already been able to develop successfully. 

Teams differ significantly depending on the industry, the type of team and the objectives. There are hardly any generally applicable success factors for each team. The key lies in the data-based detail! 

In sum, Team Architecture is the data basis for suitable and successful development recommendations!

Team Potenzialanalyse

Measure team effectiveness and develop potential

Manage team development in a targeted manner and measure the development progress of your teams.

Our platform uses 16 factors to identify the key challenges and strengths of each team through frequent and scientifically based queries. These include factors such as ‘focus’, ‘interfaces’, ‘feedback’ or ‘agility’.

We offer an evidence-based and precise way to keep an eye on the development of teams on an enterprise level. In this way, you find out where unused potential lies and unleash the full potential of your teams.

Effectively develop teams with the best action drivers

Which team development works in which teams? Are today’s measures really effective? McKinsey estimates that 50 % of your current measures are ineffective. 

The impact of development measures must be proven to pay off in terms of team performance. MONDAY.ROCKS teams increase their team effectiveness by an average of 18 % in the first year.

Avoid the wrong use of valuable resources and invest specifically in the measures that really work, based on our team analyses and comparison teams!

Benchmark Comparison Graph
Action Impulses for Teams

Dr. Christian Riese

Personnel manager

“We use the MONDAY.ROCKS platform as the foundation of VIACTIV’s personnel and team development. As a health insurance company, we are currently operating in a highly dynamic market. In order to master all challenges, we need the maximum performance potential of the teams. I am convinced that the targeted use of resources via the platform is the key to this.”

Martin Petsch

Managing Director
DZ Bank

“The key success factor in the course of corporate finance and M&A is a successful merger and targeted development of teams after mergers. With the help of MONDAY.ROCKS, this merger succeeds smoothly due to a high level of employee acceptance. Based on today’s budgets, the innovative platform makes it possible to quickly mobilize the full team potential across the organization.”

Maurice Veenendaal S-Servicepartner

Maurice Veenendaal

Head of Sales & Marketing | S-Servicepartner Deutschland GmbH

“I experience as a division manager that subteams can become comfortable protection zones. Opening up to the entire team and company, as well as making your own strengths available for the whole, is courageous. This is exactly what the MONDAY.ROCKS platform does. As a result, all teams benefit from tremendous effectiveness.

Valentine Collet

Valentine Collet

Customer Success

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