Your work matters

The app for meaningful teams

Most companies talk about “Purpose” or “Meaning”. MONDAY.ROCKS offers the first digital solution for teams and organizations that is both fast and scalable.

A different kind of training

How is your team positioned? Where are open positions and how do I deal with them? Our app simulates different game situations and shows special characteristics of your team and how to deal with them.

One profile - any number of teams

Are you active in different teams?

Our app adapts flexibly to your circumstances. Create your individual profile once and then add as many teams as you like. This is optimal, e.g. in frequently rotating project groups. A simple team selection helps to maintain an overview of the single team profiles.

Precisely tailored support through machine learning

Which hints and constellations suit which team? Depending on the task and environment, teams can be set up and function in very different ways. We use machine learning approaches to better understand what is helpful for your very own team.

Discover our solutions

We support established consulting firms or accompany our customers directly in the following cases:

Positioning teams.
Accompanying change.
Discovering purpose.

Let it rock!

“For AOK, value orientation and ‘purpose’ are central themes for the future. Therefore, we use MONDAY.ROCKS in the context of the leadership symposium.”

Wolfgang Lück
Head of Strategic Personnel Development
AOK Bundesverband