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MONDAY.ROCKS offers the first digital solution for the architecture of high performance teams, which combines team analysis and team development meaningfully.

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The Chat-Buddy guides you through a question tool to decode your individual meaning in a first step. The questions focus on what is important to you and how you like to work in a team. This takes about 12 minutes and results in the profile that you contribute to your team.

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Playing Situations Team Position Gap

Create your optimal team line-up with Team Architecture

How is your team positioned?

In which team positions does each individual find the highest meaning? How do the positions change with changes in the team? Who should we involve for which challenges?

The suitable construction plan for the positioning of your team builds the foundation for effective teamwork and a happy team culture.

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Team Analytics

Team Development

Targeted development of team potential

Which factors are the biggest boosters for performance and satisfaction?

Compare 16 central development modules for the success of your team. Which modules already have high stability? Which can be improved to strengthen the foundation of your team’s performance and satisfaction?

Team Develpoment Potential Analysis
Gaming Situations Team Types

Understanding different types of teams through machine learning

Which clues and constellations fit which team?

Teams can be set up and function very differently depending on the task and environment. We use machine learning approaches to better understand different types of teams. From the experience gained, you  get insights that are helpful for your own team.

Positioning teams.
Mastering changes.
Maximizing team performance.

Let it rock!

Gaming Situations Team's Focus

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Christoph Schönfelder

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schönfelder

CVO / Co-Founder

Christoph is Professor of Personnel and Organizational Development at the FOM University of Economics & Management and co-founder of MONDAY.ROCKS. His focus is on the importance of purpose for employee engagement, employee retention and the shaping of team culture.

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