Leading of remote teams

What to do when entire teams are in home office?

  • Maintain team spirit and collaboration in the team
  • Keep an overview of the perspectives in the team
  • Adapt your leadership communication to the new situation


The MONDAY.ROCKS Team-Check can be done completely digital and location-independent in the first 3 steps. Optionally, we will also guide you with our experts on site.

Step 1:
Team Start

  • Create your own team
  • Determine your goals
  • Invite your team with one click

Step 2:
Team Check

  • Create and share your profiles
  • Position yourselves on the playing field
  • Decode your development potential

Step 3:
Team Result

  • Get your Team Check results
  • Detect concrete team potentials
  • Reflect the new findings by phone with our experts

Step 4:

  • Make individual development possible based on your team results 
  • We increase team performance with the help of customized workshops and coachings

What is particularly important in home office

Kommunikation im Homeoffice


It is quite important to communicate interim results more proactively among the team members in order to give everyone in the team the important feeling of progress. Team members and leaders should also ask themselves this question when communicating by numerous tools: What is important to the other person? How can I note values even at a distance and apply them accordingly?

Verbundenheit im Homeoffice

Team spirit

Those who work remotely tend to communicate only professionally at the same time, which further increases this effect. Therefore, it is highly relevant to consciously take time for personal relationships in the home office as well. A look at the Team Value Map, open communication of shared values and an exchange about them can help to maintain the feeling of connectedness.

Motivation im Homeoffice

Trust in motivation

Even if managers release their team members to the home office with full confidence, this does not mean that this confidence is shared among the team members. In addition to proactive communication, the real solution lies in the purpose of work. Team members work with motivation when they understand the purpose of their work and their role in the team. This creates intrinsic motivation, which makes control in the home office unnecessary.


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