Software for Team Leadership

Precise. Simple. Data-based.

The software solves measured leadership challenges using data-based knowledge from over 1100 teams.
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Three steps to team success

Team composition, analyses and leadership suggestions in one software

Step 1

App-based team analyses for measurable change

Regular and scientifically based queries measure the key challenges per team across 16 factors. In-depth analyses reveal the causes of identified bottlenecks.

The software offers the possibility to keep an eye on the development of the teams at company level and to manage changes in the teams in a targeted way.

Step 2

Data-based suggestions for effective team leadership

MONDAY.ROCKS offers managers quick and easy suggestions for better collaboration. The software uses benchmark data from more than 1000 teams and makes the experiences of other companies available to your leaders.

In this way, you can achieve modern leadership with little effort, which brings change to the teams and ensures the long-term success of the company.

Recommended action steps:

Validated by teams similar to yours

Teeamrollen und Teamdynamik erfassen auf dem Team-Spielfeld

Step 3

Onboarding and understanding teams

Teams differ significantly depending on the industry, team type and objective.

In order to fundamentally understand the team and its dynamics, the team composition is captured. This is a basic idea of the software that is also evident in sport, because:
A football team is also only successful if the members talk about their respective roles.

The recognition of dynamics in the team and typical behaviour patterns is achieved app-based via the line-up on the virtual team playing field.

Team Analytics

successfully guides your organisation through the change and into the new work.

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The software makes the teams’ key bottlenecks measurable and reduces the risk of ineffective measures.


The whole organisation can easily be involved. The effort is a few minutes per person.


Using data-based insights from over 1000 teams, the software identifies the right leadership suggestions for your teams.

Find out how to make team leadership simple and precise

MONDAY.ROCKS provides leaders with concrete data-based recommendations for better collaboration and enables more agility and certainty in leadership decisions.

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