Successful change needs powerful leadership 

Digitalization and transformation dynamics are shaping the picture of the new world of work. Teams and managers are pressured to evolve to remain on the market. This pressure also brings a high risk for successful strategy implementation, as studies have shown that 80% of change processes fail. But what are the reasons?

Why transformation fails

Looking at failed projects clearly shows that one of the most commonly cited reasons (73%) is poor leadership. 95% see a more consistent demonstration of change by superiors and a stronger leadership alliance as the key to successful strategic change. 

Source: The Porsche Consulting Change Management Compass 2020

Key drivers for successful leadership in times of change 

For managers, change processes are always a demanding task that requires precise preparation and optimal support. In the past, companies had isolated change projects with a beginning and an endpoint. Today, change is the normal state of affairs in everyday business. Against this background, leadership must also change. 

Data-based support in change processes

The working world is becoming increasingly complex and the uncertainty for leadership is growing. Often, managers are heavily involved in operations and thus quickly overlook the bottlenecks a team faces. They also lack the necessary knowledge and experience on how to solve these bottlenecks optimally. 

This confronts companies with the question: How can contemporary and strong leadership be achieved with little effort? 

Empowering managers for optimal leadership

With data-based insights, leaders can be optimally supported to achieve change in teams. With knowledge from over 1000 teams, leadership challenges are measured, identified, and solved. The software for team leadership shows managers which concrete measures have sustainably changed and strengthened comparable teams. With this support, managers can steer change at the team level on their own responsibility and always know what to do next. Finally, this saves time and costs for ineffective measures! 

As a partner at your side, we will show you how to use team leadership software to finally make change happen through strong leadership. 

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Die Power von Shared Leadership – Von geteilter Führung profitieren
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