Why managers need to be supported differently


Managers are under high pressure. With influences such as the pandemic, the Ukraine war, shortages of raw materials and inflation, long-term planning and consistency in team leadership are a thing of the past. The pandemic in particular is fostering a new image of the ideal leader. She is increasingly becoming a coach instead of acting purely as a decision-maker.

Rigid frameworks prevent change

According to a representative survey by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 46% of the executives surveyed basically agree with the statement that they would like to lead differently, but that this is not possible due to existing conditions.

Teams and leaders are pressured to change. To accomplish this, they need support to reduce resistance, quickly identify problems in teams, and stay informed about what they can do to sustainably change and strengthen their team. 

Fluctuation and shortage of managers

The requirements profile for executives has risen to such an extent that a perceived pressure situation is emerging that makes classic management tasks less attractive. Almost 40% of executives say they are planning to leave their careers. This is shown by a representative study by the Chefsache initiative, for which almost 1690 professionals were surveyed in February 2022. Many feel the pressure is too high and there is a real sense of departure. 

Increasing financial pressure for team and personnel development 

Another study by everskill found that 63% of respondents expect increased financial pressure in the future regarding personnel development. Often, it is unclear how much companies’ spending on team development measures is worthwhile. 

According to McKinsey estimates, 50% of current measures are ineffective. This is mainly since team-specific needs are not clear and there are no concrete indications that reveal what effects measures, coaching and training really have. Certain impulses for action do not serve all teams equally, and many individual differences affect effectiveness. Therefore, it is a great advantage to have a database that recommends the most appropriate measures. 

Steering into the new working world with contemporary leadership

New work models, increasing demands and increased pressure create situations that overburden managers and block the functioning of teams. And yet, especially in times of uncertainty, a good relationship with the team is crucial to success. Contemporary tools are therefore needed to relieve managers in an increasingly complex world and to offer them the opportunity to bring about change in the teams. 

With team management software, employees are regularly questioned about teamwork using scientifically based questioning methods. In this way, an analysis of the current situation in the teams is created in the shortest possible time.

  • What’s going well?
  • Where is there still room for improvement?

In-depth analysis can also uncover the root causes of problems in the team. Following the team analysis, data-based approaches provide concrete and effective leadership suggestions that have already helped other teams in the same situation. Companies that rely on data-based team leadership recognize potential of their employees and the challenges of the teams faster and can react early.

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