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Find roles, values and dynamics of your team in a digital team workshop that you can perform easily on your own.

Digital Teambuilding App

Team moments that push you to the next level

With us, team building can work completely digital – be it in the office or from home. Decode your individual team profiles in 12 minutes and create your own meaningful team architecture with the MONDAY.ROCKS App.

Identify your team strengths. Increase the joy of collaboration. Improve your team efficiency.

Shared values that drive your team

Understand not only your own personality and its impact on the team, but compare it with the characteristics and working styles of your teammates. Find out which values you share in the Team Values Map and see which perspectives are important to your team members.

This is how you improve communication, cooperation and conflict resolution!

Verbundenheit im Homeoffice
Playing Field Team Positions

Team positions that deliver performance

Transfer your new insights to your team position and complete them with individual and anonymous feedback.

Use the app to create the construction plan for optimal team effectiveness. A meaningful team architecture is the foundation for successful collaboration.

Everything at a glance

Individual profile for every team member

Overview of values, passions and perspectives of the team

Development of the optimal team positioning

Insights into collaboration, communication and conflict resolution

Discover the team models

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