Develop a building plan for your optimal line-up

  • Which positions are your team members in?
  • Where there are position gaps?
  • How can you deal with them?
  • Which common values does your team share?


Teammates Feedback Teampositions

Find a position that inspires you

Which positions do you see yourself in? How do your teammates see you?

Your positions are a result of your own values and mutual feedback: this is how your team lineup is built

Adapt team type and alignment

Adjust the optimal team setup so that you can master individual challenges.

Meaningful team architecture always takes into account the individual characteristics of a team. All the team modules for an optimal line-up are based on your specific requirements.

Gaming Situations Team Types
profile types
game situations
Heatmap Team Position Distribution

Analyze team positions

Adjust your team construction for its optimal line-up.

A heat map shows you which positions have already been occupied several times and where there is still room for development.


Uncover position gaps

Where are there open positions?

The app shows you which positions are unoccupied and how you can best handle them.

Playing Situations Team Position Gap

High Performing Teams

Create a foundation for effective teamwork!

Team Values Diagram