Values come first – now more than ever

Individual values and one’s own passion are an important compass and drive for people. Clarity about one’s own values and passions is the foundation for increasing productivity, goal focus, and performance. With the help of scientific findings from the last decades, different values and passions can be differentiated, which is an important basis for decoding them. Capturing the value structures and intrinsic motivators of employees helps managers to understand what drives each individual and how employees can work best as a team.

Values are an important component of a person’s identity. They describe what is of particular importance to each individual and are closely linked to personal goals. Passion results from the interest structure, i.e. from what we particularly like to do. The sum of the value and passion structures has a great influence on the overall productivity of the team. If the team or the company does not offer the opportunity to incorporate one’s own values, they are perceived as discrepant and the number of absences as well as job-related physical and psychological complaints increases. Employees want to be able to identify with the company and its culture, they do not have to conform to individual fixed values of the company, but find themselves in a framework that allows and celebrates diversity. The corporate culture should create a framework for orientation within which all members can align their actions without having to act contrary to their own values. If this succeeds, fewer employees leave the company and, at the same time, they are more motivated, deliver better quality and enjoy their work more.

“According to the Gallup Engagement Index, 84% of all employees in Germany start their week feeling low and are not actively engaged. This causes each team to lose up to 21% of productivity.”

Deciphering one’s values and passions helps employees reflect on themselves and better understand what is important to them. Knowing which values are represented to what extent within a team helps team members discover commonalities and strengthen bonds. Companies can use the decoded value structures to better understand their own culture and communicate it more credibly to the outside world. With a well-positioned and diverse team in which everyone has found their passion and can contribute their values well, you can rock any challenge.

Use the maximum engagement

The digital team tool from MONDAY.ROCKS creates clarity about where the motivators of the employees lie and how their maximum commitment can be used for the company’s goals. Each individual is analyzed and accompanied in the team context. Within 12 minutes, employees create their individual profiles. To do so, they are guided through a questionnaire that identifies what is important to them and what drives them. The result is presented in the form of a diamond. Based on the respective values and passions, the optimal area of application and the appropriate role in the team is determined for each team member.

Digital and psychologically validated analyses

The diagnostic tool that we use to determine the individual values of each person, as well as the role in the team, is fed by a novel combination of psychologically validated and proven models. These have been adapted to current times and supplemented with additional aspects that make up the proprietary approach of MONDAY.ROCKS. The protection of collected data is very important to us, which is why our application is DSGVO compliant and all email addresses used are encrypted and anonymized.

Discover your values and passion

Create your free profile and create your personal diamond.

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