Team leadership lessons from elite sports 

Teamführung nach Prinzipien des Spitzensports

Both coaches in top-level sports and managers in the corporate world have to form a group of individuals with different skills and personalities into a high-performance team. What can the corporate world learn from competitive sports, and what can managers transfer to their everyday lives? 

When we look at high-performance teams in elite sports today, in addition to the coaching staff, there are also many analysts who collect various data in the background and evaluate team performance – taking team dynamics into account, among other things. This data provides insight into why the team won or lost. Why didn’t any goals go in? What are the secondary factors such as passing accuracy, the team’s one-on-one behavior, or the degree of implementation of the desired strategy?  The goal of team analysts is to use this data to identify and resolve the team’s bottlenecks to increase the likelihood of success. 

Von der Führungskraft zum Team-Analysten mit Durchblick 

Companies also strive to be successful and better than the competition. Key figures from controlling, finance, or the sales environment are usually used to measure the company’s success. How high is the market share, and who has achieved the highest sales within the industry? The human factor is often not sufficiently considered. In addition to technical knowledge, the dynamics in the team, the team structure, and the way challenges are handled are decisive for the company’s results. What has been a matter of course in top-class sports for decades and is provided as support for trainers has not yet arrived in the corporate world.  

Team Analytics: Team Leadership with Data-Based Insights 

As a manager with various responsibilities, it can be challenging to cover all areas of responsibility. When making quick decisions, there is a danger of being guided by feelings rather than facts. Here, it is particularly important to supplement subjective assessment with objective measurement points – just as we know it from top-level sports. Every important decision at the team level can be facilitated and optimized by team analyses to increase the probability of success. 

Inspired by the principles of top-class sports, the software for team leadership from MONDAY.ROCKS looks at the members of the team, and analyzes the team structure and also the current challenges the team.  With knowledge from the largest team database, the software shows managers which concrete measures have sustainably changed and strengthened comparable teams. 

As a partner at your side, we will show you how to use team leadership software to finally make change happen through strong leadership. 

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