What Defines a Good Team Architect?

Team Architect

What is a team architect?
An architect plans the construction of new buildings or organizes the redesign of old ones. He designs thoughtfully and makes sure that all components are arranged correctly so that they can fulfill their purpose and form a solid and durable structure. A team architect basically does the same thing, only in the context of teams. He lays the foundation for effective team collaboration, coordinates a harmonious arrangement of the individual team members and ensures a functioning framework. He understands the individual members of the team and knows in which challenge he uses whom best. The team architect develops the blueprint for the optimal team setup – this can be imagined on a kind of playing field – by positioning the individual team members in such a way that they take on tasks that are fun and make sense, so that they are taken on intrinsically. In this way he manages to inspire his team members and maximize team performance.

What qualities and skills does a team architect have?
Do you want to become a team architect as well?
These tips will help you:

As a starting point, focus on the individual components of your team: the team members. You will only be able to form a harmonious whole if you understand them in detail. Find out what motivates them, what their values and passions are, and thus discover where you use whom best. Help them to recognize where their potentials lie and how they can realize them. Show your employees your appreciation: Create a work space that increases their productivity and satisfaction, arrange regular meetings for mutual feedback, be open to their worries and fears and try to reduce them.

A well-rehearsed team is essential for success. Foster team spirit by explaining to your team the goal and purpose of working together and by emphasizing values shared within the team. This also includes that each individual team member recognizes which position he or she holds. Provide your team with regular communication opportunities to gain an understanding of each other’s work. If employees recognize the meaning behind their work, their intrinsic motivation and willingness to perform increases. Support them with your professional expertise, let them be part of your plan and strategy and do not expect that every task is understood at the first go.

Not everything will go as planned. Be it a missed deadline or an unsatisfying result. In this case: Take responsibility for mistakes and wrong decisions, even if the mistakes were made by the employees. Consider mistakes a reason for improvement and development. A possibility for improvement could be, for example, the reorientation or redistribution of the team. Ideally, you should carry out regular potential analysis in order to identify development areas at an early stage. In this way you can keep the error rate low and your team fit for the future.

How do I become a team architect?
A team architect is much more than a manager. He changes the lives of his employees in the long term by deciphering their individual meaning and helping them to understand themselves better. Teams must be accompanied over a longer period of time. MONDAY.ROCKS creates a framework of orientation. The app helps you to understand how the intrinsic motivation of each individual in the team can be used optimally, how the team can be optimally positioned for different challenges and where there is potential for maximum performance and satisfaction. To achieve this, the app’s algorithm first determines the most suitable positions based on your values and passions. From the individual positions your team constellation is created, which can be adjusted according to the challenge. With the potential analysis you can identify and track the development needs of your team. Become a team architect and increase the performance of your team.

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