Passion Rules at the Change Congress ’19

The Change Congress of Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH was a real highlight today. Value orientation was not only a buzzword here, but was also experienced in the many discussions and encounters with passionate participants. I am happy to present my impulse “Passion Rules! – More productivity through means-based team development” and to have given so many […]

Sillicon Valley – Meetingpoint for Purpose and Innovation

We are in agreement: Purpose orientation is essential for future entrepreneurial success. This can be summed up in my lecture “Purpose beats Motivation” in Silicon Valley as part of an inspiring journey with alternus corporate development and the Zukunftswerkstatt, which made new developments a tangible experience. Where could this be any better than in the […]

MONDAY.ROCKS prevails in the HR Excellence Awards 2019

HR Excellence Award

MONDAY.ROCKS leads in the HR Excellence Awards 2019 and made it onto the shortlist of the best four HR start-ups. On November 22nd, the jury of experts will decide who will receive this year’s award. We are looking forward to it!

Inspiration: Google ‚Project Aristotle‘

What makes a winning team? This question has been asked by managers for many years and in countless studies. In 2012, Google launched an initiative code-named “Project Aristotle” to investigate hundreds of Google teams and find patterns that show why some fail while others achieve their best. The findings of the study had an important […]

Shared Why – „The intersection of why“

Meaning or Purpose is still the most discussed factor of successful collaboration.  The definition of Purpose is sometimes very heterogeneous. We want to change that and establish a model of the ‘Shared Why’. The famous video of the TED talk “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek has now been clicked over 6 million times and has […]

Keynote at „Zukunft Personal Nord“ Exhibition

Purpose outweighs motivation. Yesterday, our co-founder Christoph Schönfelder gave a lecture at Zukunft Personal NORD about the importance of shared value patterns and individually experienced meaningfulness for agile transformation. The result: purpose and trust are the central basis of agile transformation! The reactions that follow show us very clearly: Organizations and their members are currently […]

Purpose wins double!

MONDAY.ROCKS was voted startup of the year 2019 🤘 at the German Stevie Awards on Friday. Especially the use of digital algorithms to decode purpose and team culture convinced the jury.  We received the second award in the category Best New Product or Service – Software – Corporate Learning / Workforce Development Solutions for the project Tradition […]