Challenges of Managing Hybrid Teams

Hybride Teams und ihre Herausforderungen

The hybrid work model has established itself in many companies. As a result, managers are faced with leading hybrid teams. The Institute for Leaders in the Digital Age (IFIDZ) conducted a survey to find out, which challenges leaders face when leading hybrid teams. A total of 159 leaders took part in the online survey.

Lack of target orientation

The survey shows: Managers do not fear that hybrid work will affect the performance of their employees. Only 15% believe that the motivation will decline. A decrease in goal orientation is considered by 13%. Only 9% fear that the quality of work will decline. 16 % fear a loss of control due to hybrid work.

Team spirit and communication at risk

But at the same time, there is a fear that team spirit will be severely diminished by hybrid working. Only 9% agreed with the statement: “I don’t see any risks, only opportunities. A total of 54% see the danger that identification within the team will decline, and 64% even fear that employees will feel isolated. Good communication is also in danger, as 53% see a risk of “insufficient communication” and 47% an “insufficient flow of information” when working in hybrid teams. 

A self-initiated online survey on hybrid working confirms these findings, but also reveals further dangers: 65% of participants could imagine that interfaces with other teams could suffer. A lack of information flow usually leads to extra work and inhibits productivity throughout the team. Ultimately, this leads to increased costs. Also 65% could imagine that problems and conflicts are more likely to be kept quiet instead of being openly addressed and resolved. A study published in 2009 by the auditing company KPMG found that unresolved conflicts cost companies a lot of money. Between employees, they primarily lead to joint projects being poorly handled or delayed.

Hybrid working requires improved leadership skills than in the past. Communication in the team, amongst teams, and also towards the management needs to be completely rethought and reorganized.

Participant of the study „Hybrid work model

Measures for prevention

Regular meetings create space for communication and build team spirit. In group chats, information can be made available to all colleagues so that every employee stays up to date. It is not possible to avoid conflicts completely. The good thing is that in every conflict there is also an opportunity to learn and improve. However, it is important to recognize disruptions in time and to take action against them. Create a culture in which conflicts can be openly addressed and resolved.

Benefits for Team Leaders at a glance: 

  • Team effectiveness overview  
  • Support through “on-the-job” action impulses  
  • Less time spent on team management  

Data-based applications support managers in measuring team effectiveness and keeping an eye on key challenges and strengths, including the factors of conflict, interfaces, and feedback. Based on the collected insights, specific impulses for action emerge that are precisely tailored to the challenge and need of the team. In this way, hybrid teams can be supported with those impulses that they really need, and that will help them move forward. Costs for ineffective measures are reduced.

The MONDAY.ROCKS team development platform decodes the key challenges and strengths per team via 16 factors through regular and scientifically based queries. With data-based improvement measures that have already been successfully implemented in comparable teams, the unused potentials are successfully developed. Optionally integrate your existing training, learning journeys, or coaching into the platform and measure what really has a sustainable impact on your teams.

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