Pricing Models

Increase the performance and happiness of your team with your suitable package for team architecture. 


Learn more about the structures and characteristics of your team and optimize your teamwork.
  • Team values overview
  • Team members overview
  • Mutual team feedback
  • Positioning of the team
  • Basic Team Report


Match your team line-up to the goals and focus of the team, identify positional gaps and maximize your productivity.
  • Basics-Features plus:
  • Gaming situations
  • Team type specification
  • Position distribution
  • Communication advice
  • Pro Team Report


Develop your team with focus, discover your development potential and continuously analyze your progress.

  • Pro-Features plus:
  • Expectation Management
  • Development Sprints
  • Potential Report
  • Leadership Coaching*
  • Trainings / Workshops*

* optional


Keep an overview of all teams in the company, create company-wide analyses, check applicants and build cross-functional project teams.
  • Company Dashboard
  • Inter-Team Collaboration
  • Pool solutions
  • Checks for applicants
  • Potential Tracking

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Enterprise Suite - Business Intelligence for Teams

The Enterprise Suite is aimed at departments and companies that want to develop not just one team but several teams in a target-oriented way and coordinate them. Furthermore, we offer exciting possibilities such as the creation of optimal project teams from an employee pool or the team fit check for new employees.

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